frequently asked questions

Do you have XLR cables?
Yes, we have recently added XLR interconnects to our line-up.
Are these cables directional?
Yes. All our cables and adapters are directional.
Which direction should I plug my cables in?
The cables all have arrows on them pointing in the direction of signal flow. The arrows on your cables should point away from your source and toward your destination/output.
The online store isn't working!
The store is a new addition to our website and is not totally finished yet. If you'd like to place an order, contact or call us at 1-844-348-6292 or 214-614-7111.
My cables aren't functioning properly, what should I do?
First thing is to use the provided cleaning clay to remove any debris from the connectors which may be causing a bad connection. If that doesn't solve the problem, contact us for further support.
How do I use the cleaning clay?
Open the cleaning clay container and shove the cable's connectors into the clay. Quickly remove the connector from the clay to remove any unwanted debris. Always reapply Stabilant 22 after using cleaning clay.