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The Surreal Acoustic Driver Lens was developed to eliminate acoustic issues in driver dispersion and improve overall clarity of loudspeakers.

The lens consists of a set of rings that are mounted in the center of the driver, and it can replace or work with either dust caps or phase plugs. The lens improves the function of the driver by dealing with acoustic issues found in typical inverted drivers.

It most effectively prevents cancelation of short waves near the center of the driver, but unlike a phase plug is linear in this action as it moves with the driver. It also uses pockets of air collected between the rings to increase aerodynamics, and the result is a break up of any known vortex created by the driver action.

A vortex can be created by pushing and pulling on air or simply by pushing and suddenly stopping. The typical shape of an inverted driver is effective and efficient for speakers, but its inherent design produces an acoustic vortex. Some speaker companies have created flat or semi flat drivers to try to overcome this issue. However flat drivers have poor dispersion, losing energy and being less focal.

The Surreal Acoustic Driver Lens successfully eliminates this problem by changing the focal point of the vortex and providing an aerodynamic solution to stopping vortex creation. The lens rings create an air buffer that move the energy in a more linear fashion and dramatically decrease self cancelation of internal driver energies.

The result is a cleaner sound with enhanced acoustic nature, wider frequency response, wider dispersion characteristics for off axis listening and greater linearity. As a result the distorted “woof “ sound of a driver is dispersed for more realistic sounding bass. Tone is dramatically affected, as well as detail. The overall result is a much more real and live sound.

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