CT-1 Phono Cables

CT-1 Phono Cable with ground line
$1,600 for 1m
$200 for each additional 0.5m


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Low level signals as created by a phono cartridge are fragile and can be easily distorted and even lost. These signals have almost no current and are driven by voltages that may have maximum output of as little as 0.2 volts or lower. A testing facility in Canada contracted by Magnetic Innovations LLC tried testing these signals as low as -59 dB. They discovered that long after conventional audio cables significantly obscured test signals, our CT-1 phono cable using Magentic Conduction technology were still at work clearly transferring this low level information. The CT-1 Phono range comes in DIN to RCA specification, with a choice of either 'Normal DIN' or 'Right Angle DIN' now available. Please enquire with us for a tonearm direct version.

*Magnetic Conduction is a directional technology. For proper performance please be sure that the arrows on your cables point away from your source and toward your amps/outputs.

$1,600 for 1m (each additional 0.5m is $200)

CT-1 Phono Cable DIN connector CT-1 Phono Cable RCA connectors

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