CT-1 Power Cable

$2,000 for 1m
$375 for each additional 0.5m


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Don't think of the CT-1 as our entry level power cord - think of it as your entry to the new magnetic conduction technology. Regardless of what type of power cable you currently have, it uses the older technology of electrical conduction. With that there is no observable effect on the behavior of electrons. Magnetic conduction changes all that and this power cord is here to prove it. Experience the difference in clarity, dynamics, detail, and realism of the CT-1 Power and patented magnetic conduction technology today.

The CT-1 power is designed specifically for CD players and preamps. It can be used with small amplifiers (drawing no more than 5 amps) as well but is recommended for single component front end gear.

$2,000 for 1m (each additional 0.5m is $375)

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