Professional Series XLR Interconnects

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$30,240 $18,144 for 1m
$1,040 $624 for each additional 0.5m

pair of analog cables

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Professional applications only. Not for general consumer or retail sale. Inquire directly for Pro Series authorized dealers or distributors.

Professional Series XLR cables are designed for industry professionals who make a living from reference audio gear. These cables are impractical for the average audiophile in both cost and construction. They are to be used as a tool to bring the very most out of connected components to show the true capability of the connected device in a "perfect world" provided by this device. Whether you are an audio manufacturer developing reference grade equipment and need to hear it without common distortion or a distributor or dealer of high end products and you want playback at the absolute of cutting edge of audio performance for professional demonstration of gear. The Pro Series will set you apart for the competition.

To inquire about a professional series application as a customer, dealer or distributor please inquire direct with High Fidelity Cables through our contact page.

$30,240 for 1m (each additional 0.5m is $1,040)

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