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Magnets Made For Music


High Fidelity Cables audio system Bafflex speakers

Magnetic Conduction

High Fidelity Cables uses Magnetic Conduction technology to enhance audio signals and ensure the highest quality sound in audio reproduction..

Magnetic Conduction is a new and unique technology that preserves signal inegrity by utilizing magnetism to enhance signal transfer. Magnetic Conduction consists of using magnetic fields with the precise strength, orientation, and dimensions as to concentrate electron flow inside the conductor.

The magnetic fields guide the electrons through the conductor in a more efficient manner than with standard electrical conduction, creating less distortion and interference. This new magnetic type of conduction lends itself to high-end audio reproduction, where you can hear massive improvements in clarity and experience the music the way it was meant to be heard.

electrical conduction versus magnetic conduction
Electrical Conduction Magnetic Conduction

The diagram above compares signal flow in electrical conduction and Magnetic Conduction. As you can see, when using Magnetic Conduction, signal flow is more concentrated in the center of the conductor, creating a cleaner signal with less distortion.

See the video below for a more in-depth explanation of the technology:

Our Cables Are Magnets

Unlike anything before, our cabling technology uses powerful arrays of magnets to preserve your audio signal and propel music through your system.

With Magnetic Conduction, the free electrons in the electromagnetic audio signal are so powerfully attracted to the guiding forces of our magnetic arrays that they are pulled to the extreme center of the conductor. The electrons are unable to break free from the magnetic pathway of the cables.

This means noise, distortion, and external EMI is simply overpowered by the magnetic technology used within our products.

Our cables use red white audio cable to aux, optical digital audio cable to aux, audio cable with microphone, different types of audio cables, and one of the best digital coaxial audio cable on the market.

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Many of our friends and fellow audiophiles have been kind enough over the years to take their time to listen and tell us what attracts them to these magnetic cables.

"... breathtaking"

Harry Pearson, High Fidelity Report

"Personally, I know of no other way to get the realism in music reproduction I'm getting than with these cables. I could not recommend them more highly"

Norm Luttbeg, Stereo Times

"It has led me down the road of discovering the best cables I have ever heard"

Jack Roberts, Dagogo

"The room felt as if it had just doubled in size, and the speakers disappeared, leaving a very wide, tall, deep and convincing soundstage"

Michael Garner, Tweek Geek

"The music is brought back to life with shine, punch, and amazing resolution"

Jay, Audio Bacon

"Mr. Edison, Mr. Tesla, please welcome Mr. Schultz"

Bruce Kinch, Positive Feedback

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Magnetic Conduction technology developed and patented by Magnetic Innovations LLC
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