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New Orchestral Helix

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New Orchestral Double Helix Signature

Power    Speaker Cables    RCA    S/PDIF    XLR    AES3    Phono    Power Conditioner

Magnets Made For Music

Signature RCA Adapters

Our Signature series RCA adapters are the premium choice for those audiophiles looking for sheer performance.

The Helix design magnetic system focuses electrons more accurately into the middle of the cable, lowering distortion to deliver a vivid clarity that only the Helix products offer. You can expect pinpoint sound staging, greater clarity and musicality, a wider scope of the frequency spectrum, and sound is more controlled with less fatigue and greater dynamics. Imaging is improved while separation in the sound stage is more focused and further articulated.

The Signature RCA adapters offer more power over the regular adapters. The Signature RCA adapters use stronger magnets to offer lower distortions and a greater sense of realism.

The Signature RCA adapters also feature internal contact enhancer. The internal magnetic connections of all Signature products are treated with our proprietary contact enhancer. This drops resistance considerably to offer a much more liquid clarity and realism, greatly improving on every aspect of the musical reproduction. The contact enhancer is based on the most advanced Nano-tech, and made up of various types of Nano materials including graphene Nano tubes, graphene Nano particles, and silver Nano particles in a highly conductive cross-linking carrying solution. This contact enhancer made specifically for internal connection within High Fidelity Cables products is a breakthrough product developed by our chief engineer Rick Schultz.

The Signature RCA adapters are a true achievement providing real work and audible benefits that won’t disappoint. They can be used with any type of RCA cable and can even be added to our own cables. Daisy-chaining them together in series yields even further benefit so consider adding more after you have tried and proven the effect for yourself.

A product that shares the signature of our proud inventor and yields a wonderful benefit in any system regardless of cost. Use them on entry level interconnects and hear them transformed, or add them to high end interconnects and realize musical refinement and yet another level of realism, clarity, dynamics, and musicality. Magnets make more music!

Available as a set of two (destination or source),
or as a set of four (destination and source).


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($599 for 1 pair)

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