Professional Series

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In terms of performance, the Pro Series power conditioner is the most powerful magnetic device we make besides Pro Elite. In terms of sound it creates a highly detailed and dynamic presentation for an extremely low noise background. The leading edge is explosively fast, and the soundstage is wide open and enveloping with a 3D-like characteristic.

The most minute details are presented with ease and realism. Full break-in is achieved after about one thousand hours as the sonic envelope continues to open, producing the level of micro-detail only found in Pro and Pro Elite power conditioners.

Bass is exceptionally clean and fast and allows the instruments to have a clean and detailed lifelike speed and attack. It allows the bass to be extremely well defined, exposing all the details of the instrument that produced it.

The highs become very extended without the slightest hint of glare or hardness, and the realism and tone is unprecedented.

The speed of the midrange attack is dramatically faster than with any conventional power conditioner, so dynamics are increased as to convey a live and lifelike representation of the instruments. The lingering trailing edge leaves the tone crisp and natural with a finish that washes over the listener. The midrange is where most music is focused, so listeners quickly pick up on the detailed portrayal of a well defined instrument with speed, flow and ease.

The Pro Series power conditioner is a marked statement as to the power of magnetic conduction to convey the reality of the recording and portray it truly fleshed out.

Sound staging is mesmerizing as it flows out to a three dimensional character with a definitive start and natural linger that wraps around the listener. Imaging is broken into completely separate parcels of each instrument, yet is still a defined total page with accompanying instruments and vocals. Together there is a true sonic landscape.

Noise can be further lowered with the use of optional grounding cables. The Professional Series is a leading-edge grounding block operating with magnetic conduction.

To hear and even to see the Pro Series power conditioner is to succumb to beauty. Finished with a modern industrial look, it is more than eye-catching with professional quality chrome accented on a ceramic cobalt base. Components are milled from solid blocks of aircraft grade aluminum. The Pro Series power conditioner is wired internally with High Fidelity Cables CT-1 conductors and finished with ten Furutech GTX-D NCF grade receptacles. Ten grounding lugs come pre-installed with the Pro Series power conditioner.

The combined magnetic force of all the magnets within the Pro Series power conditioner is equal to approximately 4 tons of force.

15A 120V/7.5A 240V

100V-240V rated.

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