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Magnets Made For Music


CT-1 Enhanced Power Cable


This product is no longer manufactured

The CT-1 Enhanced power cable is a full 15-amp magnetically-driven alternative to traditional power cables. CT-1 Enhanced does for your system just as the name describes. "Enhance" is defined as: to raise to a higher degree; intensify; magnify; to raise the value or price of.

The Enhanced Power Cable utilizes the powerful technology of magnetic conduction to clean, refine, and deliver power in a way that no other product in audio can. Why Power? Quality power, maybe more than any other single attribute is the key to unlocking your system's full audio reproduction potential.

CT-1 Enhanced takes the audiophile deep into the benefits of our patented technology, helping components to reveal more music they simply could not otherwise make. Use the CT-1 Enhanced Magnetic power conditioning system to unlock the clarity, dynamics, realism, as well as the sheer musicality of a life-like presentation. Achieving true real-to-life music requires a dramatically different approach: a product of invention—as it has clearly been defined—by those fortunate enough to have heard it.


For 1 meter

($500 per extra half-meter)

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