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MC-0.5 Helix Plus Signature

The Signature version of the MC-0.5 Helix Plus.

MC-0.5 Pure Helix Signature!

Our top offering in the MC-0.5 series the Pure Helix Signature offers unparalleled performance in a compact design. It is our most feature-filled product in the MC-0.5 series and has a full helix waive-guide system that incorporates the Helix technology in every stage; hot, neutral, and ground.

Our mechanical connections are treated with our proprietary conductive enhancer to achieve a refinement not offered in any other MC-0.5 product. This high-tech nano product developed by High Fidelity Cable’s Rick Schultz ads a more consistent flow in the energy that is used to clean the power in your walls and to the system.

Trickled down from the Professional series MC-1 it also utilizes an electrical condensing-based system(capacitance) that works to help further center electrons and focus energy right to the core of the device’s magnetic field. This feature affects the power by centering an extreme focus onto the incoming power to dramatically reduce noise.

The MC-0.5 Pure Helix Signature has an all-new chassis using Nylatron. Nylatron contains a mineral called molybdenite and it is great at insulating(dielectric) and has excellent anti-vibration qualities.

The end cap is permanently fixed and is from machined solid billet aluminum that is the first bead blasted and coated with a ceramic coating to further reduce the internal resonance of the MC-0.5.

You can expect a very refined sound quality with improved overall clarity, tighter more refined bass exceptional imaging sound staging, and a staggering reduction of harshness and noise.

By controlling the behavior of electrons vs, the environment around them as with traditional power conditioning devices, the MC-0.5 has more effect and overall result. These devices perform well beyond traditional power conditioners and do not inhibit the process of induction which is the energy that your audio system works on.

The entire system benefits in ways traditional power conditioners simply cannot offer. It can be used in conjunction with traditional power conditioners and show great benefits to these devices helping them to perform better with less compression to the sound. However, these “traditional” power conditioners may not be needed once a Magnetic Conduction based products are introduced and the Mc-0.5’s lead to a better overall sound. Like all Magnetic conduction conditioners, MC-0.5’s are made to be a modern alternative to power conditioning and offer greater sound quality with more dynamics, the accuracy of reproduction and speed as well as clarity and pure musicality.

The MC-0.5’s also benefited video greatly and can offer a much more vivid picture with lowered pixel noise on any type of television.

Try the MC-0.5 Pure Helix signature today!

100V-240V rated.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.5" x 4.5"
Weight: 0.5lbs (0.25kg)

$799 $479.40

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