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New Orchestral Helix

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New Orchestral Double Helix Signature

Power    Speaker Cables    RCA    S/PDIF    XLR    AES3    Phono    Power Conditioner

Magnets Made For Music

MC-10 Signature Power Distributor

With accommodation for up to 10 different devices the MC-10 Signature features a larger, more powerful hemisphere waveguide that delivers over double the magnetic and vibrational noise lowering power of our popular MC-6 Hemisphere.

This black, stealthy looking Signature series power conditioner offers incredibly low noise performance. Unlike traditional power conditioners it does not interfere with the process of induction so it delivers more raw, clean power than traditional power conditioners. They can however be used alongside traditional power conditioners to allow them be even more effective.

The MC-10 Signature, like our MC-6 Hemisphere, offers both magnetic and vibration-based power conditioning. These features dramatically lower noise while delivering much improved clarity and dynamics, and a more grain free presentation with far better realism.

It offers all the features of MC-6 Hemisphere but with 2.5 times the power conditioning strength.


• Furutech GTX-D NFC(R) receptacles
• Fully aluminum low noise chassis
• No restriction of incoming AC to your components
• 15 amp 120V or 7.5 amp 240V
• All internal connections use our proprietary Nano contact enhancer
• Patented Magnetic Conduction system to clean incoming power with powerful large wave guides
• Vibration control though our patented method using dampening gel system unique to High Fidelity Cables

Dimensions: 12" x 5" x 2.5" (width, depth, height)

$5,999 $3,599.40

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