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Best of 2021 Blue Note Award.


Reviews by Rick Becker at Enjoy the Music magazine initial reaction and after full burn-in.

Review by David Holzman for San Francisco Audiophile Society here.

“NPS-1260 is a gift to the entire industry.” – Enjoy The Music Magazine

“The NPS-1260 3D Enhancer solution is, by far, the most astonishing tweak I have reviewed over the past two decades.” – Rick Becker

“Nothing I've tried in decades comes even close to NPS-1260.”  Ddraudt

“If this works this well on my modest system, I can only imagine how well it would work in a true hi end system. I'm dumbfounded!”  rocray

“This is no joke and yet another amazing sound improvement.  It was a leap of faith well worth the jump. I just can’t believe what a difference this secret sauce … can do for sound enhancement.  I have Michael Stanley reincarnated playing Live in Tangiers in my home.  Unbelievable.”  Tksteingraber

As music lovers, we strive to get the best sound we can out of our systems. However, we all encounter distortion, or noise, which can be caused by a degraded connection. The common solution used to be to invest in higher quality, albeit more expensive, hardware. While that works for some, it’s not always an option for many. 

Here at high fidelity Cables, we’ve come up with a solution that those with any level of audio system can benefit from. NPS-1260, a contact enhancer that works to improve your system in a whole new way.

While some contact enhancers simply clean the connection, NPS 1260 truly enhances it. 

Through magnetic conduction, NPS-1260 works on a micro-level to bind the electrons in your connectors, improve their transfer of energy, and direct the current more fluidly. Put simply, NPS-1260 strengthens the chains that make your system, so you’ll have no weak links. As a result, you end up with a system that has higher clarity, less distortion, and better imaging.

With NPS-1260, you will bring out the full potential of your Audio system, and hear it in a way you never knew you could, without having to replace any components.

Whether it be through your speaker, power, or even RCA connections, NPS-1260 will take your system to the next level.

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