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New Cable Wiring

New wire!

High Fidelity Cables would like to announce its new change of wire or magnetic conductor.

This new wire technology will be used on all new High-Fidelity Cables across the board, every cable will get a new look, every cable will get a new conductor.

The conductors will “as always” vary with each model but as it was in the original CT- 1, the new conductor will look outwardly the same throughout our model lines.

What’s new?

Cosmetically: There is an overall change and the new jacket is grey VS the previous clear/silver.

Functionally? In all models, the conductor is now larger and has even more shielding adding a whole new layer that was not included in any of the previous renditions.

The larger conductor helps to lower overall resistance but more importantly, it ads magnetic permeability. This extra permeability will help maintain the changes that are brought by magnetic conduction, further lowing overall distortion. This will also offer a greater sense of clarity and dynamics as well as overall musicality!

The added shielding will further lower noise this will give you a black background with better separation. It will give you a true sense of space between instruments and deliver sound staging and imaging. This also helps protect against RF and electromagnetic interference. It also helps prevent “Cross Talk” that can happen even between conductors. None of these problems are common to magnetic conduction technology. Adding this extra shielding brings us to a new level of certainty in performance.

There are changes within each and every model that correspond directly to the improvements over the original conductor. This is a significant change that will bring about nice improvements across the board for all HFC cable products.

The same basic magnetic and conductive materials are used in order to create this new conductor. The added shielding will further lower noise and the larger conductor sizes will deliver a greater sense of clarity and dynamics and overall lower distortions. | 1-844-348-6292

Magnetic Conduction technology developed and patented by Magnetic Innovations LLC
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