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Limited Edition MC-1 Eddie Edition Power Conditioner

Introducing the limited edition MC-1 Eddie Edition.

This is a tribute to an iconic musical prodigy that brought a lot of music into the world and shaped Rock n Roll in the 80s.

He will always be remembered for this, his legacy of music.

So to commemorate him we set up a new design for our MC-1 signature as a tribute to him and made a custom guitar engraving to symbolize him and his legacy.

This Power Conditioner also features a new color designed by our production manager called Metalic Tangerine.

If you are looking to own one of our Limited Edition MC-1 Signatures, Email:

On order, you will receive an authenticity card for your MC-1 and a custom orange case with your order.

Let’s continue his legacy of music by listening to how it should sound on an audio system.

With an MC-1 signature cutting out the distortion from the wall.

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