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Ultimate Reference Double Helix Signature Speaker Cables

The Ultimate Reference Double Helix Signature offers an unrivaled experience with ultra-low noise, precision, and refinement in which those who seek the absolute best audio reproduction will enjoy!

The Double Helix Signature uses two times the force of the Helix focusing system that ultimately has control over how the electrons are brought into alignment during signal and power transmission. High Fidelity Cables' magnetic conduction technology is maybe the best tool in the audio industry to lower and remove noise in audio playback. It offers a vastly powerful clarity and creates alluring sound at any level. In our top series cables like the Ultimate Reference Helix and up this technology delivers unparalleled performance that no other cable or wire technology even begins to rival.

Helix by definition is a spiraling curve in three-dimensional space; it can be compared to a corkscrew. All magnetic conduction designs are meant to focus and align both audio and power signals. Helix however has a distinct advantage as this approach has incredibly well focused lines of flux in the magnetic field that ultimately become the pathway electrons will follow. It is just a matter of physics. When the Double Helix is applied the lines of flux are forcing electrons into an even tighter helix pattern. This very tightly woven Double Helix pattern in turn lowers noise and reduces distortion even further, and the effect is not a subtle one. Magnetic conduction has been constantly referred to as a “game changer” and it is inevitable that one day all cables that carry important A/C signals will be made with this very same magnetic approach. The Double Helix is a testimony to why that change is destined to happen. It proves the future of passing audio signal is a bright one with big change to come and wonderful new things to hear in the world of audio.

Additionally, a brand-new approach to lowering distortion developed by magnetic conduction inventor Rick Schultz increases conductivity within every connection of the cable internally. The unique and proprietary contact enhancer is incredibly conductive and that helps lower noise between every internal connection. The way that magnetic conduction already lowers noise one might not think there is much room for improvement, however this is an application that truly delivers. It offers extra layers of our renowned clarity, refinement, and holistic musicality and it is a breakthrough that transcends our cable even further into the future of what audio will become with the continued pursuit of physics and the desire to take it to that next level. Let’s sum it up by saying this is no subtle achievement and does not offer a subtle advantage. The result is breathtaking musicality and accuracy that transcends what traditional high-end audio cables have strived to achieve.

The first product Rick Schultz has ever put his signature on is a tribute to an achievement that deserves the accolades of a top-tier product at the right price point. This achievement is truly groundbreaking and a qualifier for an official endorsement from Rick Schultz. Setting the stage for an experience that is authentically unparalleled. We believe you deserve to enjoy a level of playback that is truly remarkable!


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